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Global Thinking

Go beyond the obvious and listen to the story behind the story.  Global Thinking shares our forward-looking perspectives on emerging global macro trends. We review long-term economic, geopolitical and social trends, including second and third order effects, to help financial professionals provide safer more predictable returns utilizing ETFs.

Jul 22, 2021

Viewing the globe, we note a very unusual situation — most likely attributable to the post-Covid rebound. For the first time on record, developed nations have been growing faster than global GDP growth. And global growth is currently faster than that of emerging countries. This must resolve itself in one way or...

Jun 10, 2021

What happens when the world is cooped up — in some cases against its will — for more than a year? We are now getting answers to this global experiment. To no one’s surprise, it turns out many are increasingly unwilling to delay gratification which has sent inflation soaring all around the world. Rob Duncan sits...

May 17, 2021

Has crypto-mania gone too far? Naysayers have an almost unlimited arsenal of reasons why this bubble will pop and leave investors in a wake of devastation. Citing everything from security issues to regulation, environmental impact to the explosion of offerings, these things should come with a warning label.

In a recent...

Feb 9, 2021

Social media platforms take center stage as rWallStreetBets channels it's Reddit commentary to prop up stocks impacted by the pandemic and targeted by hedge fund short-sellers. In this podcast Rob Duncan sits down with Forstrong's CEO & CIO, Tyler Mordy, to discuss this incredible phenomenon and how situations like...

Jan 19, 2021

Rob Duncan sits down with Forstrong's CEO/CIO, Tyler Mordy, to talk about the year that was 2020, our outlook for 2021, and why we need to learn the Charleston in what could be seen as our generations roaring 20's.