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Global Thinking

Go beyond the obvious and listen to the story behind the story.  Global Thinking shares our forward-looking perspectives on emerging global macro trends. We review long-term economic, geopolitical and social trends, including second and third order effects, to help financial professionals provide safer more predictable returns utilizing ETFs.

Jan 27, 2023

It is now abundantly clear that last year was a hinge moment in history. The world of tomorrow will resemble nothing of what we see today.

“All life is a process of breaking down, but the blows that do the dramatic side of the work…don’t show their effect all at once.” Great American author F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote in an essay for Esquire. The writer was referring to his personal challenges during the mid-1930s. But the observation could have applied to the global economy moving into 2022: we are only getting early glimpses of how transformational the pandemic has been. Full impacts are still to be seen.

In this Part 1 episode Rob sit's down with Tyler to review, and grade the team, on our 2022 Super Trends which were published in December of 2021. Tune in to hear how our views played out during a transformative year and which trends continue to unfold in our Part 2 episode. 

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Forstrong Super Trends 2022: World in Transition

  1. A Pandemic Reboot 
  2. A Clunk Transition to a Lower Carbon Future
  3. China No Longer a Deflationary Force Upon the World
  4. Canada: Stuck in the Middle
  5. Breaking Up Big Tech
  6. Policy Makers Fighting the Last War
  7. Global Inflation: The Force Has Awakened

A special thank you to our partners and clients for joining us on this journey. It is a distinct privilege to steward your financial futures.