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Global Thinking

Go beyond the obvious and listen to the story behind the story.  Global Thinking shares our forward-looking perspectives on emerging global macro trends. We review long-term economic, geopolitical and social trends, including second and third order effects, to help financial professionals provide safer more predictable returns utilizing ETFs.

Mar 29, 2024

Interest Rate Obsession: Are Markets Missing the Bigger Picture?


Markets have found a new obsession to dote upon: timing central bank rate cutes. Everywhere you look, interest rate expectations continue to dominate headlines and market narratives. Imminent recession fears have been replaced with questions on the timing and magnitude of interest rate cuts, but interest rates are only part of the story. The larger trend is the impressive resilience not only of the US economy but also in other parts of the world.


After pricing in up to 6 rate cuts to start the year investor expectations have quickly scaled back to 3. One could even wonder, are we actually in the “no landing” economy?


In this episode Rob sits down with Forstrong Lead PM, David Kletz, to talk about expectations on rate cuts and the possibility of a “Bull Steepening” on the yield curve. Additionally, they walk through Forstrong’s recent strategy changes and why they see greater opportunity in US mid-caps, Emerging Markets debt and Swedish equities.


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