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Global Thinking

Go beyond the obvious and listen to the story behind the story.  Global Thinking shares our forward-looking perspectives on emerging global macro trends. We review long-term economic, geopolitical and social trends, including second and third order effects, to help financial professionals provide safer more predictable returns utilizing ETFs.

May 11, 2023

It has been four long years since Forstrong last visited mainland China. In that time, the country faced a real estate collapse, technology crackdowns and more than 1100 days of brutal lockdowns. Given the size and scale of China’s influence on the global economy, their reopening is something that smart investors need to monitor.


After a month on the mainland Shibo Gu, Forstrong’s Research Analyst, sits down with Rob to talk about his firsthand experiences and Forstrong outlook on the awakening of the world’s second largest economy. Additionally, they discuss whether the recent Alibaba spinoffs are a positive for the sector and which emerging countries are best positioned to benefit from the reopening.


 Ask Forstrong: Postcard from China, Part 1